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Colorado Springs, Colorado (Coming Soon)

Colorado Springs, Colorado (Coming Soon)

Switchback Coffee Roasters

Sustainability Highlights

🌱 Price Paid to Farmers is responsible

🌱 Single Store location co-located with roaster

🌱 Milk alternatives available

🌱 High focus on diversity/inclusivity

Switchback Coffee Roaster (Est. 2010) - Started in a garage by two friends this team has brought a very nice speciality coffee scene to Colorado Springs. The focus on diversity and bridging gaps between communities is refreshing.

Coffee recommendation

Espresso; Flat white w/ Institute Street house blend.



330 N Institute St, Colorado Springs, C0 80933

Loyal Coffee

Sustainability Highlights

🌱 Price Paid to Farmers is responsible (direct relationships)

🌱 Single Store location

🌱 Milk alternatives and gluten free options available

🌱 High focus on customer

Loyal Coffee (Est. Unk) - Loyal Coffee is a barista owned and operated coffee company roasting and brewing coffee we love, for people we love, in the city we love.

At Loyal, they believe their purpose is to use coffee as a catalyst to positively impact every community we interact with. At the cafe they serve really good coffee and toast, in a beautiful space, that was designed to celebrate the community in Colorado Springs.

Coffee recommendation

Espresso; Single origin Ethiopian

Filter: Tanzinia

Austin, Texas (Coming Soon)

Austin, Texas (Coming Soon)