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Rise Up Coffee

Sustainability Highlights

🌱 Vegan and Vegetarian food

🌱 Milk alternatives available (Oat, Soy, almond, and coconut)

🌱 Gender neutral restrooms

🌱 Staff Diversity and Inclusivity

🌱 Paper Straws

🌱 Organic Coffee

Rise up Coffee (Est. 2005) This is one of the most holistically focused on sustainability shops out there. A must when east of Washington D.C. and the Chesapeake Bay.

Rise Up Coffee has been an independent small-batch coffee roaster and retailer since March 2005. Rise Up originated from an explosive combination of ambition and circumstance. Tim Cureton had what would prove to be a life changing coffee experience while traveling home from the Peace Corps service.  His love affair with great coffee had begun. Utilizing a $16,000 business loan, Cureton along with co-founder Abby West, opened the first Rise Up Coffee. Rise Up began as a coffee trailer, before there were TV shows and movies about food trucks. What started in a parking lot in a town with a population of 1,029 has evolved into five high-volume cafe locations, a very active online store and many new exciting wholesale relationships.

Rise Up is known for its people. Now staffed by over a hundred amazing people, among them is Tim’s lifelong friend and business partner, Noah Kegley who joined the company in 2010 and now serves as Head Roaster.

In 2012, with an intention to engage and captivate, Rise Up opened a coffee roastery in Easton, MD. In a former gas station built in the 1920’s, the artfully renovated space was designed to show off the world of coffee, from crop to cup. The diversity of coffee cultures and complexity of taste are on display daily.

Rise Up is dedicated to only roasting sustainable coffees Certified Organic + Certified Fair Trade. This decision isn’t based on buzz-words or marketing, it’s literally rooted in our love for our farmers and their families.

Coffee recommendation

Espresso; Flat white with single origin costa rican and oat milk

Filter: Organic House Roast


3028 Ocean Gateway, Cambridge MD 21613, plus other various locations.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania