Hello, a little story and our purpose.

Before living in Finland, we thought coffee was cool. Flash forward three years- we have lived in the coffee drinking capital of the WORLD (highest coffee per capita coffee consumption is in Finland!) and travelled throughout Europe to endless cafes. During that time, we discovered a whole new world of coffee called specialty coffee with a growing focus on sustainability.

It seemed every time we returned to our own home country though, we found ourselves scouring places in search of good, specialty coffee and those who help advance sustainablity (or even remotely consider it). And its then that we realized what the Americas need- one place to reference when searching out specialty coffee shops who focus on sustainability. (Yes- give us all the places North, Central and South America!!). That one place is American Coffee Trip - Welcome!

Now this isn’t just a list of coffee shops with good coffee. We are focused on advancing equity, mutual benefits, and contribute to the sustainability of the coffee industry by addressing intertwined social, economic, and environmental challenges facing the coffee sector.

We hope these coffee shops inspire you to explore new places in search for amazing specialty coffee while considering sustainablity.

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